Zinzino selected as the Direct Selling Company of the Year in Finland


Last Friday Data & Marketing Association of Finland (DMA Finland/ASML) honored different direct selling companies in Finland.

ASML nominates one company every two years and announces the price at a Finnish seminar followed by a gala.

ASML (Data & Marketing Association of Finland) is a member of the European Direct Selling Association (SELDIA) and the World Federation of Direct Selling Association (WFDSA). ASML is involved in drafting the international rules of the direct selling field and is responsible for the development of the rules of the field in Finland.

This year Zinzino was selected as the Direct Selling Company of the Year.

Miikka Peuravirta and Miia Roihas were awarded as partners of the year in Zinzino.

Here are the criteria why Zinzino was awarded as the Company of the Year:

“The company actively focuses on long-term customer relationships and e-commerce based direct sales business.

They systematically continue to expand on the global market.

In recent years, the company has invested in the development of a modern range of payment methods, automation of marketing and communications, and scalable digital solutions.

The professionals and teams in this company certainly do not run out of energy and enthusiasm.”

Greetings from the Zinzino’s CEO to all the partners in Finland

Congratulations Zinzino Finland!

I am very proud of the work that the Finnish partners have done. Finland is one of Zinzino’s most important countries.

The work in history has been excellent, and it has been wonderful to see Zinzino Finland in a new wave of growth along with the company’s strong growth globally.

I look forward to see great success in Finland also in the future.

Huge congratulations to all the partners in Finland!

Dag Bergheim Pettersen
CEO Zinzino

Zinzino was selected as the Direct Selling Company of the Year in Finland (2019).
In the picture are independent partners, who received the award on behalf of the whole Zinzino Finland.